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Pet Salon Location
6320 Atlanta Hwy Ste.5
Alpharetta, Ga. 30004
Store Hours
Tuesday Thru Saturday
9 am to 6 pm
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*** 30 Years ***
Grooming Pet and Show Dogs


Grooming Pet Dogs Alpharetta, Ga.

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Our Location in Alpharetta, Ga.

Grooming Pet Poodles
Alpharetta has lots of different breeds of dogs for us to groom. Like these 2 Poodles.
Grooming Pet Poodles is done very similarly to grooming show Poodles. The hair is a bit shorter on pets but, the concept is the same.

sam grooming
Sam diligently grooming a Havanese. What a great little breed. Notice the scissors on the table.... Every dog can't be groomed with clippers and a "Furminator."
This is where our experience comes in. Short cut grooming tools will prevent perfect results for your pet.
Shih Tzu pet grooming
One of Paws N Pearls new grooming clients. Ms. Diva, a freshly groomed pet Shih-Tzu, getting ready for Halloween. The Shih-Tzu is one of my favorite breeds.
Toy poodle groomingToy Poodle Grooming
I love grooming pet poodles. Here are a few of our toy poodle grooming clients.
OH MY!!!!!! Cute as Buttons!!!!!!

All Pet Grooming Services Include:
Free!!! Nail Dremmel, Ear Cleaning and Gland Expressing.

Over 5000!!!! Dogs groomed in 2019!!

Please Call Ahead to Book Our Pet Grooming Services.

We are all breed dog groomers with years of experience. The majority of which comes from competing and being dog groomers in the dog show arena. That is what separates us from the rest. We know how to properly groom different types of pet hair. A good case in point is grooming the Shih-Tzu. They have hair just like humans and not fur. It has to be treated differently than say a Cavalier or a Poodle which are completely different types of hair in their own respect and the grooming practice needs to be done differently to get the best result for your pet.

westie pet groomingScottie Pet GroomingNorfolk Pet Grooming
West Highland Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Norfolk Terrier. All spit fires in their own little way. Grooming Pet Terriers takes know how to get the best result. I love grooming them!!


Cavalier Pet Grooming
An adorable pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, shown in the Ruby color, Great housemates for a great customer!


Golden Retriever Pet Grooming
The Golden Retriever.. America's Favorite Dog. I don't disagree! Good results like this can be achieved without shaving them down.

Bernese mountain Dog pet Grooming
My Husband's Favorite of the giant breeds.
Both the Golden and the Berner are much cleaner around the house when dead hair is properly removed during the grooming process.

"My little Bichon, Kaley, had her first full scissor show clip. Missy came highly recommended by a number of people (handlers and groomers as well as vendors at the Jonesboro Show. We left the show on Saturday evening and returned to Jonesboro on Sunday, and Kaley just strutted her stuff prancing out front and acting like she was Best in Show. Kaley is a Classic Obedience competitor, but it never hurts to look gorgeous. Thank you Missy! Looking forward to returning on Saturday along with Kaley's adopted brother, a retired Champion from San Francisco, a Shih Tzu, call named Paddington. I cannot say enough nice things about you and Sam!!!!! I am so happy I found you!"

Here are a few of our favorite Bichon grooming clients.

Bichon groomingbichon puppy grooming

Even though we specialize in show dog grooming, you can also bring us any pet dog big or small and can expect a reasonable price, great care for your pet and only the best result. A few of the dog breeds our customers bring to us for our full dog grooming service are:
Bichon Frise, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Shih Tzu, Labradoodle, Poodle, Yorkies, Maltese, Havanese, Labrador Retriever, Golden Doodle, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Coton De Tulear, Irish Setter and much more...

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